French Levant sale postal history with stamps,

covers and cancellations.

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  • East Army (1915-1918)

    French East Army : sale covers and postal history.

    An expeditionary force of British and French troops is sent at the beginning of 1915 to the Dardanelles but the operation of landing is a failure.

    The East Army constituted in October, 1915 to help Serbia in front of Central Empires.

  • French East Army after...

    Levant french East Army : sale covers and postal history.

    After September 1918, the french troops occupy territories of the Balkans and the former Ottoman Empire awaiting the treaties of peace. A number post offices were booked for the correspondences of the civilians.

  • Army of the Levant

    Sale covers with handstamps or postmarks of the french army of Levant.

    In 1920, the French were given a mandate over Syria and Lebanon by the League of Nations.

    A force called the Army of the Levant was raised for keeping order in both French mandates during the interwar period.

  • Vaguemestre d'étapes

    Vaguemestre d'étapes of Levant french army, sale covers with handstamps.

    The too small units to have a postal team were served by a vaguemestre d'étapes. The rarest handstamps are the ones of the isolated posts of Djezirah (High Mesopotamia).

  • O.M.F.

    Sale covers of Lebanon or Syria during the french military occupation and the early mandate (1919-1925).

  • Lebanon french mandate

    Lebanon : sale covers with stamps and postmarks during french mandate and republic (1926-1945) (الجمهورية اللبنانية)

  • Lebanon WW2

    Lebanon : covers during the second world war (1939-1940).

  • Liban cancels

    Republic of Lebanon : sale covers with stamps and cancellations after 1946

  • Liban frankings

    Republic of Lebanon : sale covers with frankings after 1946

    Although proclaimed on 22 November 1943, independence was not effective until 1946

  • Syria republic

    Republic of Syria Syrie : sale covers with stamps, postmarks and cancellations (1926-1946)(الجمهورية السورية)

  • Syria WW2

    Syria : covers during the second world war (1939-1940).

  • Syria Cancels

    Syria independant : sale covers with stamps and cancellations after 1946.

  • Syria Frankings

    Syria independant Republic : sale covers wtih stamps and frankings since 1946.

  • Latakia Alawite

    Sale covers and stamps of the Alawite state and Latakia (اللاذقية).

    French office opened in 1852 during the Ottoman Empire.
    Autonomous territory from 1920 to 1923.
    Part of the Syrian federation in 1923 and separated again in 1924.
    Government of Latakia from 1930 to 1936 then re-incorporated into Syria.

  • Constantinople

    Constantinople (Turkey) sale covers and cancellations of the french post offices (1837 to 1914)

  • Alexandria

    Alexandria (Egypt) sale postal history with covers and stamps.

  • other post offices

    Levant : sale covers with stamps and cancels from other post offices .

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