Marocco : sale postal history with covers, stamps and cancels

of the french post office.

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  • french post office

    Morocco: sale covers and stamps of France with overprint CENTIMOS and Arabic (1891 - 1913).

    The French post offices in Morocco used first on mail metropolitan stamps (Sage type) and then over printed in Hassani peseta.

  • stamps protectorat

    Marocco : sale covers with french stamps overprinted PROTECTORAT (1914 - 1921)

  • Casablanca 1907-1908

    Morocco : sale postal history of the occupation of Casablanca in 1907 and 1908.

    The French troops landed on August 17 1907 under the command of General Drude.

  • Algerian-Moroccan...

    Morocco: sale postal history of the French occupation in 1907 and 1908.

    At the end of March 1907, general Lyautey occupied Oudjda on the border of Eastern Morocco and Algeria

  • Monuments 1917

    Marocco : sale covers with monuments engraved stamps.

    Issued on September 1, 1917 (arrêté vizirel du 25 août 1917)

  • Monuments photo...

    Marocco : sale covers with photo engraved stamps of the issue of the monuments.

    Issued on August 1923

  • airplane over Casablanca

    Marocco : sale letters franked with airplane over Casablanca stamp issued in 1922.

    (Yvert et Tellier PA 1 à 11 et 32, 33)

    marocco airmail stamps 1922

    A distinction is made between 3 types :

    - type I : frame above Hélio-Vaugirard strong.

    - type II : tight frame, link between Hélio and Vaugirard.

    - type III : tight frame, no link between Hélio and Vaugirard.

  • Hassan tower

    Maroc : sale covers with Hassan tower stamps.

    Engraved by Charles Hervé, printed in lithograph by Carbonnel then perforated and dated by the Heintz printing house in Algiers.

    First issued on the end of 1943.

  • WW2

    Morocco : for sale, covers during the second World War (1939 - 1945)

    See also at Tour Hassan.

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