Germany : sale postal history of french presence

(Rhine army, World war, Saar,...)

Sale postal history of french presence in Germany- Tropiquescollections


  • Army of the Rhine

    Germany : sale letters of the french Army of the Rhine (1920-1930)

  • Occuped Germany...

    Sale postal history of allied occupation in Germany after the second world war.

  • Gebühr bezahlt

    Germany - Sale covers with Gebühr bezahlt postmark during the Allied occupation.

    At the beginning of September 1945, pending new stamps, the stamps of the Reich being prohibited, the postal tax is paid in cash. A postmark GEBÜHR BEZAHLT is affixed , which attests that the tax of the correspondence was paid. These brands will be used later in the lack of stamps.

  • Bade

    Bade : sale covers with stamps of the french occupation of Germany (1947-1949).

  • Saar (1920-1935)

    Saar : sale covers with stamps during the french occupation (1920-1935)(Saargebeit)

    At the end of the First World War, the autonomous territory of the Saar was placed under French authority.
    Initially, German stamps with overprint SAAR were used. From February 1921, the stamps issued were printed by the Vaugirard company, in typography from 1921 to 1923 and in heliography after 1925. Following the result of the plebiscite in favour of the attachment to Germany, the autonomy of the territory ended on 1 March 1935.

  • Saarland 1947-1956

    Saarland : sale covers with stamps and cancels or franking (1947-1956)

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